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Hagan Brown Dental Clinic – Best Denture Repairs in Stratford

Buying dentures is easy but, sometimes, it may damage or get broken due to tear and wear, accidents, etc. Our denture clinics can help you with any type of denture repairs, in Stratford, that is broken and needs to be fixed.

If your dentures are cracked due to any kind of wear and tear, you should not delay. Contact Hagan Brown Dental Clinic & Laboratories for repairing them. Our expert dentist has proficiency in repairing the dental setting of your teeth. Sometimes, dentures become loose and it doesn’t fit in properly. So, in that case, you need to replace your dentures. Once the replacement is done, we help you in fixing the dentures properly.

Types of Denture Repairs We Offer

The team of Hagan Brown Dental Clinic & Laboratories provides various types of denture repairs service, such as:

  • Full Denture Repair

Full dentures are known as false teeth setting that are done when the teeth are missing from the set. In that case, denture repairs in Stratford can help you repair or replace the full denture. This type of setting is often needed for aged people.

  • Partial Denture Repair

If you lose one or two teeth due to an accident, or you want to fill the gaps of your teeth, partial denture repair is needed. Our professional dentists help in doing the Partial dentures Stratford.

  • Flexible Denture Repair

The flexible denture setting needs a soft inner lining. Moreover, this denture repair in Stratford helps in providing comfort in the lining of the teeth.

  • Chrome Denture Repair

Chrome denture is light in weight compared to regular denture because we make denture from chrome to give a proper shape to your face. This helps in maintaining the comfort that can last longer.

  • Copy Denture Repair

This new set of dentures is created using the existing set and following the old pattern of your original teeth so that your face does not look shapeless. Our dentists are proficient in providing copy denture repair in Stratford.

  • Implant Retained Denture Repair

These dentures are supported by implants providing the comfort and security that has fewer hassles. It is a simple process of denture repairs in Stratford.

Contact Us for Dental Repairs Stratford

You may contact us for getting treated by our experienced dentists from Stratford or for any query.


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