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Hagan Brown Dental Clinic – Expertised Dentures in Stratford

Hagan-Brown Denture Clinic & Laboratories have experience over 30 years on setting dentures in Stratford. Moreover, as per our experts, the cosmetic dentures are one of the great solutions if your teeth have a partial set up problem. You can take an appointment or call us any time for setting cosmetic denture.


Dentures Services We Offer in Stratford

Hagan Brown Denture Clinic & Laboratories is famous for some complete and partial denture set up. Have a look at the medical-dental support we provide:

  • Full Denture

Basically, aged people need full denture for their gums because they lose their teeth. Full dentures are made to replace missing teeth and bring back the lost smile. 

Getting full dentures doesn’t mean that you can eat every type of tough food. It means the denture will help you to maintain the youthful structure of your face and boost up your confidence. 

  • Partial Denture

A partial denture is not done because of the loss of all the teeth. It is done because of the gaps between 2-3 teeth. This denture set up is also done if you have lost your teeth due to accident. So, if you want to fill the gaps of your teeth or make them look natural, a partial denture is definitely a good idea. 

  • Flexible Denture

The inner lining of flexible denture is soft, and it ensures maximum comfort. Moreover, the flexible denture set up is for those people who have gum problems. This type of denture can be moved without any problem. You can eat any type of food if you chose this denture. But it is a little bit costly.

  • Chrome Denture

Chrome denture is light in weight compared to the regular denture. Moreover, this denture also gives a perfect shape to your face. If you want comfort and long-lasting solution, chrome denture is one of the best solutions for your teeth and gums.

  • Copy Denture

Sometimes, a new set of dentures is created with the old set in the existing pattern of your teeth. So, it is a great idea to spare and avoid being stuck with the existing set breaks. 

  • Implant Retained Denture

Implant dentures support the implants of your teeth and look after the health benefit of your gums. The implant dentures are often used for hiding the gaps of the teeth.

Choose Services of Dentures from Our Clinic in Stratford

Whether you need cosmetic teeth with a full denture or partial dentures in Stratford, we are ready to help you with the setup.


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